Do you know, Is really RO water safe for your family ?

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Dear Friends water is a very important tool of our human life but do you know your drinking water safe for your family ? like your baby child, your wife or your little champs. Friends most of RO Companies claim that our company make best RO system which is safe for you and your family, They also claim we give you safer water for your little champs, But large number these company do not tell you truth because they tested very comman parameter for your drinking water quality like TDS, Ph, Total Hardness company show you the result and you believe on it and buy a new brand RO system for your love one, but these parameter are not sufficient for quality of drinking water, you also need to tested Microbiology parameter like E. Coli, Total Coliform and also need to know about fluoride, chloride, Mg, metals and pesticides for more information you can go on this link If you really want to drink safer water and care of your family please ask your RO company about these parameters, for trusted & Complete testing of drinking water you can contact us on above link also, Thanks for reading us.

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